The Week Ahead Notices

Events around the Circuit

Naomi is looking for some help with stewarding at the BMC Centenary Service (Sunday June 2nd, 3.00pm at Badminton Road).  It is expected to be a large gathering and help from around the circuit is needed. If anyone is willing to help with welcoming, car park marshalling, or serving refreshments/washing up, or would like more information, please contact Naomi.

Calling all BMC Financial Supports – Transfer of the Methodist Centre to Turnaround Bristol

Are you a regular financial supporter of Bristol Methodist Centre?  The Circuit has been working hard to contact financial supporters to keep everyone informed about changes to arrangements.  Existing standing orders to Bristol Methodist Centre will need to be stopped and (if desired) new ones set up for Turnaround Bristol.  New gift aid forms will also be needed.  

Please contact Naomi Sharp ( 0117 239 3875) OR the Methodist Centre for more information. 

Advanced Safeguarding Module

The Circuit will be hosting an Advanced Safeguarding Module on 18 June 2024, a full list of those who need to undertake the course can be found here.  Please check that if you do need the qualification that you are still valid, if you need to undertake the course please let me know and I will inform the Circuit

Badminton Road Methodist Church

Tuesday 14 May Messy Space at 1000hrs

Wednesday 15 May Church Cafe at 1000hrs

Sunday 19 May Christine Jones will be leading Worship at 1030hrs