Sunday News Sheet 29th October 2023   

Today’s Service at 10.30am is led by Rev Mandy Briggs.

Services in November 

5th Rev Samual Uwimana HC 

 12th Hilary Cooke 

19th Ken Luxon – Café Church

26th  Rev Samuel Uwimana

A prayer from the President and Vice-President of Conference

God of peace and compassion,
We pray for all impacted by the escalation in conflict in Israel-Palestine
For all who are mourning
For all who are fearful, today, and for what may lie ahead
For all traumatised and re-traumatised by what they have experienced.
Enable us to stand in solidarity with people of peace
May your Spirit bring peace and healing to your troubled world. Amen


Our outward presents in the Christmas season

I have printed templates, and cut black paper for our Christmas Nativity silhouettes which will go on the widows round the Church, as the characters travel to Bethlehem  (Prayer chapel! )

PLEASE if anyone has a bit of spare time, could they help to cut them all out.  All that’s needed is a pair of scissors.   They will be in Church Sunday. Margaret Powell.

At our Messy Vintage session on October 13th

Local preacher Ken Thomas introduced us to the joy of drumming along to worship songs on his collection of African drums!

He also shared different versions of the Lord’s Prayer with us. The following is from Rob Lacey’s Street Bible:


God in heaven, you’re our dad.

We respect everything your name stands for,

and we want others to respect you and your name as well.

Please bring heaven on earth:

People living life your way, like the angels do.

Please bring us all we need to keep us going this day.

Please forgive what we’ve done wrong,

in the same way we forgive what others have done to us.

Please protect us from evil, whether we are tempted or attacked by it.

Because you’re all that is important,

you’re able to do everything and you deserve all the credit.

You’re in a league of your own,

you’re in control.

Really and truly

Count me in.

Please send material for next week by Thursday evening, if possible, to       01454 778683