Sunday News Sheet 28th January 2024

Today’s Service at 10.30am is led by Naomi Sharp.

4th February: Rev Samuel Uwimana HC

11th February: Brenda  Isherwood 

18th February: Rev Sharon Lovelock

 25th February: Veronica Jackson – Café Church

Update from Methodist centre.

After letting “Caring for Christmas” use the premises over Christmas, and as a result having a lot of damage done, especially wrecking the cooker and a lot of cutlers and pots went missing.  The centre now has a new cooker fitted and replacement utensils.    Caring for Christmas have agreed to pay for the damage, so they are up and running again.

The Methodist Centre has been providing sleeping accommodation under the severe weather protocol funded by the council.  The NHS have been in to test guests for hepatitis,

Margaret and Tony Powell

Church Anniversary

On Sunday 18th February we shall be celebrating our church anniversary Worship will be led by Rev. Sharon Lovelock  Methodist minister at Zion, Frampton Cotterell.

We plan to have a bring and share lunch after the service so will be asking everyone who is staying to sign up and offer to bring something savoury or sweet.

Please send material for next week, by Thursday evening, if possible, to 01454 778683