Sunday  News Sheet 24th December 2023


Today’s Service at 10.30 is led by Valerie Lamont

25th Christmas Day: Rev S Uwimana                  

Dec 31st : Ken Thomas

 Jan 7th : Rev S Uwimana 

 Jan 14th : David Carter

 Jan 21st : Vivienne Lear 

Jan 28th : Naomi Sharp

There are no meetings this week.

Maureen wishes everyone a very happy Christmas and every blessing for 2024. Instead of sending cards I have given a donation to charity.

Sue Fenton also will not be sending cards, but giving to charity instead.

This letter was in my newspaper this week: Gentle wrath of God: “For clergy up and down

The land, the phrase “This must be your busy time” is often heard this month.  However, this year has taught Rev Dr David Hoyle, the Dean of Westminster’ that Christmas is light relief. “The coronation was a busy time,” he said at Westminster Abbey’s Christmas concert. Before an evening of beautiful music, he issued a warning to the assembled that there would be low tolerance for any mobile phones going off.  Hoyle warned that stern-faced clerics would descend on anyone responsible for a ringtone,  “And then,” he said, “In line with company policy, you will be forgiven.” PH

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