Sunday News Sheet 21st January 2024

Today’s service at 10.30am is led by Vivienne Lear

Sunday Services at 10.30am

28th January: Naomi Sharp


4th  Rev Samuel Uwimama

11th Brenda Isherwood 

18th Rev Sharon Lovelock

 25th Veronica Jackson (Café Church)

Collection Basket

The Church Council discussed a change in the way our offerings are collected. As there are pros and cons for each method, it was decided to keep to our present way, with the basket at the entry door. (This corrects the information you read in the sheet last week!)


It is connected with the “CELEBRATING UGANDA & HER NEIGHBOURS EVENT” to be held at Badminton Road on Saturday afternoon, 27th January.

We shall be serving a Cuppa with a Cake.  So, if anyone would like to contribute a Cake it would be very gratefully received.  You are all very welcome to come and have a Cuppa and a Cake.

Many thanks. Julia

I am writing to you for my father, Brin Jones and I’m afraid I have some sad news to tell you.  
Mum and Dad were each taken into Southmead hospital last Wednesday. Luckily I was coming to Bristol on Wednesday anyway and Howard came on Thursday. Both Mum and Dad  have  been quite poorly recently with heart related illness.  They were eventually taken to the same ward but were not together.

Four days later Dad is still very poorly in hospital, but improving slightly. I’m sorry to say Mum passed away quietly in her sleep last night. She was not in any pain or distress.

Howard and I have spent a lot of time with them recently, including celebrating Dad’s 96th birthday and their 70th wedding anniversary at the end of December. Eleanor       

This photo was taken last week

Please send information for next week by Thursday evening, if possible, to 01454 778683