Child of Peace

Long ago as promised by the prophets

A child was born.

Child of peace

Given as a gift by God

To a world

Needing guidance, peace, love, hope.

God’s Son

Born to a young woman

In humble solitude,

Deprived at birth

Of cradle and home.

For the Prince of Peace

No royal palace.

He came a holy gift

For an imperfect world,

His nativity unique.

Child of peace

Born in Bethlehem stable,

Surrounded by animal smells,

Straw and hay.

Born into poverty,

Beset by improbable circumstances

Unsettled times.

Child of peace

Born in a garrison town

Surrounded by officialdom

Army units,

Census takers.

But cocooned

By love of earthly parents

Upheld by heavenly Father,


Child of peace

whose humble birth

Seemed inconsequential, unimportant.


Brought promise and realisation

Of spiritual blessing.

Innocent child

Birthing absence of strife

In troubled times.

Child of peace

Your task to accomplish

Peace between God and humanity,

Bringing to fruition

Peace …….

Inner concord, harmony,

Moral guidance

Selfless spirituality,

Love of neighbour as of self.

Child of peace

Central character of Christmas tableau

Be the centre of yearning for peace

Within our souls.

Child of peace

As the world replicates circumstances

Similar to those of your birth;

Faces unsettled times,

Warfare, hopelessness, anguish, poverty

Enter and pervade hearts and minds to seek

Tranquillity, harmony, reconciliation.

Child of peace


Refresh our lives,

Enter our hearts this Christmas,

Renaissance of

God’s gift who brought

Peace on earth,


Good will to all.

Child of peace, Welcome  

 V.C. Lear