Sunday News Sheet 10th March 2024

Today’s Service at 10.30 a.m is led by Chris Leese

17th March : David King                

24th March (Palm Sunday): Rev Samuel Uwimana HC

31st March  (Easter Day): Rev Samuel Uwimana HC

Maundy Thursday. March 28th   

7.30pm Watleys End.

We have been invited to join Watleys End for an Agape, Love Feast on Maundy Thursday. This is a service with hymns, prayers and preaching, culminating in Holy Communion. It recalls the meal Jesus shared with His disciples, the Last Supper. It often includes a display of humility, like the washing of feet, but more usually a donation to the poor. 

If you would like to attend, please see me.  We may be able to co-ordinate transport. I know that there is already one space in our car. I will need to give numbers to Margaret Johnson, so I would like a decision by March 17th.

Thank you.  Val

Every Saturday the Times newspaper includes an item about religious faith called Credo.

On Saturday February 24th the article was by an academic called Michael Bird and was titled “Navalny was inspired by the Sermon on the Mount.” 

He writes  “…the one thing that stands out about Navalny was his Christian faith.

Navalny, during his show trial in Moscow in 2021, said: ” The fact is that I am a Christian, which usually sets me up as an example for constant ridicule in the Anti-Corruption Foundation, because mostly our people are atheists, and I was once quite a militant atheist myself.”

He continued:” But now I am a believer, and that helps me a lot in my activities because everything becomes much, much easier.”

Navalny went on to stress that he was especially motivated by the words of Jesus:” Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied” ( Matthew 5 v.6 )

The article’s conclusion calls on us to hold on to the following promise:

“The powers will be pacified, the lost will be found, the darkness will be cured by light, the world’s injustices will be undone, and God’s love will reign supreme.”   Nicky

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