Bible Month: Week Three

The story of Bartimaeus will not be used in our service but it is a story of Jesus and his compassion enabling the blind Bartimaeus to see, and how Bartimaeus responds to Jesus. Read Mark 10:46-52; then this meditation of the event from Rev. Nick Fawcett; then consider when/how you might see Jesus in your lives.

(Vivienne Lear)

He made me see!

For the first time in my life,

after all those years of darkness,

all those years of listening

and wondering what the world would be like,

I was able to look and see for myself!

I saw clouds scudding through the sky,

grass waving in the breeze,

flowers blooming in the meadow,

waves breaking on the seashore.

I saw birds nesting in trees,

and animals wandering in the mountains,

the moon and stars glowing in the night sky,

the beauty of sunrise and sunset,

bathing the world in a golden glow.

I saw children playing,

the faces of loved ones,

the bustle of towns and city,

the pomp of priest and temple.

I saw fields of corn and ripening fruit,

bubbling streams and tranquil pools,

 a world of colour, form and contrast,

more lovely than my wildest dreams.

All this I can see!

Yet there is more,

much more, that I owe him,

for it is not just my eyes he has opened,

but my mind,

my heart,

my soul.

I looked at him

and I did not see just a man;

I glimpsed the hand of God,

smiling through his welcome,

I glimpsed the hand of God,

reaching through his touch;

I glimpsed the love of God,

accepting me through his call.

He made me see Jesus,

not just with my eyes,

though I can’t thank him enough for that,

but with my soul –

the things that really matter,

that really count,

that meets my deepest need.

And now I know that even when it’s dark,

even when life is at its blackest,

even when I cannot see the way ahead,

I am walking in the light.

Prayer: Lord, help us to see you more clearly and  love your more dearly.