Reflection on the Lectionary

Sunday 29th May (Easter 7)
Psalm 97 | Acts 16 : 16 – 34 | Revelation 22:12-14,16,17,20,21 | John 17 : 20 – 26
This reflection is provided by Local Preacher, Alison Smith (St. Andrew’s).

Jesus is coming soon!

We hear this word, this prophesy, this promise and so we look to the skies in expectation; but our time is not God’s time, so we wait.
When He comes, He will reward each person according to what they’ve done – good or bad.
How have we lived?
Have our tongues been sharp?
Have our actions been unworthy of God?
Have we confessed our sins and been forgiven?
God is omnipresent (widespread), omnipotent (unlimited power), omniscient (all knowing). He is the beginning, the creator God who spoke
all things into being. The first and the last being of all men. The Alpha and Omega – the comprehensiveness of God who includes all that can be; and the end, when there will be the last fight for good and evil when Christ will prevail and humankind will be free.
The washing of robes is a metaphor for purification from uncleanliness or sin. Those who profess their sin are blessed and saved through their faith, to go into the eternal city, the New Jerusalem and have access to the tree of life.
When we acknowledge our wrongdoings and ask forgiveness from God, we are washing ourselves clean and He will bless us for this cleansing. He will open up His gates and let us into the eternal kingdom, promised at the end of time.
The angel was sent by Jesus to John for the churches, who should be teaching and heeding this message, this gift that has been given.
Jesus was born a descendent of King David and is rightful heir to the kingdom God promised. He is the cornerstone on which everything is built and is the root, anchoring God, His church and His people together.

Jesus says He is the Bright Morning Star – just as the morning star appears before the sun rises, so Jesus will come for the church before He returns to restore Israel to himself.
Salvation is a free gift and this is a final invitation to us and all sinners to come to Christ, and to quench our spiritual thirst with the water of life.
The Holy Spirit extends this invitation through the Bride, the church. We need to listen, share this truth and follow the invitation to come. Those who come to Christ, drink the water of life freely.
Here Jesus affirms that He is coming ‘soon.’ Again, we don’t know when that will be, when that moment will arrive – maybe today or tomorrow, but the time of Jesus’ return is known only to God. Whenever he comes it will be quickly, “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” (1 Cor 15:52).
We often sing hymns reciting the words, ‘come, Lord Jesus’ and respond to other prayers in the same way. Each prophecy regarding Jesus’ first coming has been fulfilled and we trust that each prophecy about His second coming will similarly be fulfilled. Jesus’ promise to return must encourage each and every one of us to the point of saying – Amen. Come Lord Jesus!
John concluded the book of Revelation with this line, “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen”
The grace of our Lord saved John and sustained him through his exile, providing him with the privilege of seeing sights of God and His position in heaven, and being gifted to learn and write about the Lord’s future plans.
It is by the grace of God that we are saved so we must give all the glory to Him for what He has and is accomplishing in our lives; and we should shout with joy that “Jesus is coming soon!” AMEN