Reflection on the Lectionary

Sunday 24th April (Easter 2)

Psalm 118 : 14 – 29, 14-24; Acts 5 : 27 – 32; Revelation 1 : 4 – 8; John 20 : 19 – 31
This reflection is provided by Local Preacher and volunteer Lay Pastor, Kevin Marshall.

The Sunday after Easter is often called Low Sunday, a Sunday when often Lay or Local Preachers take services. It is a time to reflect and think about the events of Easter. Many Years ago, in 1998 there was a song by Semisonic that had the line “every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.” Easter is the end of Lent and so we enter the new beginning of Eastertide which will take us on a journey until Pentecost. So, during Eastertide we reflect and remember the end of Holy week and the events of the
Crucifixion and death of Jesus on Good Friday. Then the glorious new beginning which came on Easter Sunday with the resurrection of Jesus. This leads us when we consider these readings to ask a series of questions about our Christian life. They challenge us to think about what we are doing in our faith. Are we ready to go forward in the new beginning of Easter answering these questions?

In Acts 5 we read the disciples had been preaching and witnessing in Jerusalem, had been arrested and put in prison they had been brought before the city officials and told not to speak of Jesus. But when released they had straightway gone back to preaching and witnessing about Jesus again. They were arrested again and asked why they had ignored the commands of the court to which they replied that they had no choice
they had to tell the people about Jesus for that is what He commanded them to do. They said they had no choice for they said, “we must obey God rather than Human beings” (Acts 5 : 29). So, do we feel the same about God who sent His Son to die for us and has raised Him from the dead to give us eternal Life? This leads to the second question from Psalm 118.

The Psalmist tells us of the victory we have in God and that we have salvation through Him and He will be the one who blesses us and from worshipping Him we can be blessed. This will give us the victory in our Christian Life, but we have to claim it and to do it daily through prayer and it is given to us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Then in Revelation we are reminded by John that God is eternal

As a faithful witness to the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ, John was given the Revelation to show God’s servants what must soon take place. In this case, the word soon refers to the events of John’s own lifetime. In particular, John was told to write on a scroll what he saw concerning the Seven Churches, which were located in the province of Asia (Modern-day Turkey), and that existed at the time of the writing of the Revelation. This reminds us God is forever no matter how long our problems seem to exist God is there with us and will be with us for God sees the past the present and the Future.

So, this Eastertide let us remember we should follow and obey God for He has given us the Victory over our problems if we claim it, and we should claim it daily. For God is eternal He sees the past, the present and the future. So let pray as we start the new beginning, we start it with God around us and within us, taking us forward into another new beginning at Pentecost.