Reflection -Christmas

The Gift from God

God so loved the world

That he gave – gave his Son,

Gave the Christ child

Born in a stable,

In Bethlehem, long, long, ago.

Jesus, Gift of God

Inspiration for living,

Preached words of love,

Joy, freedom, peace.

Cared for the sick and outcasts,

Men, women, children.

Jesus, enter our hearts not only

At Christmas

But for ever and always

Remembering the horrors of Good Friday

And celebrating the joy of Easter.

In our worship, Bible reading and prayers,

May we come to know

And appreciate God’s good gift to us,

A unique and special gift

A gift of sacrificial love for all.

Thanks be to God

For his gift to the world. V.C.L

Wishing you a Happy Christmas from Badminton Road Methodist Church.