What will the New Year bring for me?

Spring, Spring, Spring,

Opening bud and waving tree

Birds that sweetly sing,

Summer green and Autumn gold,

Winter with its frost and cold.

Ring bells ring

Sing children sing

And thank our God

For the glad new year and everything.

From memory these are the words sung happily when a child in Sunday School. In retrospect the words gave confidence and assurance that the world would continue in its sequence of seasons, growth and joy. There was no indication that things may not proceed in an orderly positive routine. However, as adults, we know that life is not always straight forward and easy, the experiences of the pandemic and international hostilities have proved this to us.  But with trust in God and awareness of his support through good and not so good we can still look ahead with confidence to the future.

We look to the future yes, but not forgetting the past. We remember the past capitalising on what has been good and avoiding the bad. We then look forward with insight on our achievements and build on them. This is essential with our personal lives, our Christian faith and our developing church lives. January the first is known as the Feast of the naming of Jesus. What can be done in the name of Jesus in our personal and local situations. When we have faith in God the Father, Jesus the Son and the enduring power of the Holy Spirit with us we can move forward positively whatever our age, capabilities, physical capacities. We move forward with Jesus besides us guiding, encouraging, supporting us on our journeys. We can go into 2024 in faith knowing that God is with us at all times and will be with us whatever life throws at us.


What will the new Year bring for us?

Hope, joy, pain?

Friendships strong, supportive true,

Love that God has given,

Happy times, sad ones too,

World without its hostile threats,

Pray friends pray,

Trust God always

And believe in God

For this coming year and evermore.

God bless you and grant you health and His peace in 2024.

Vivienne Lear