Nativity Advent Calendar

25th December 2020
Happy Christmas to everyone !! Come and join the celebration. It’s a very special day. Come and share our jubilation, there’s a new King born today.
24th December 2020
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It is Christmas Eve. We are all very excited and cannot wait for tomorrow. It seems as if time stands still. Prayer Dear Lord, we are waiting, wondering, hoping. May this Christmas be the time when the promise would be fulfilled, that wars cease and all people join friends in unity, that justice rules and love reigns.
23rd December 2020
The wise men brought extraordinary gifts, symbols of the extraordinary life the baby would lead.
22nd December 2020
The shepherds had the worst job and people looked down on them. But they were the first to see the new baby.
Thank you God that you make a way for the last to be first.
21st December 2020
Herod told the wise men to head for Bethlehem, so off they went.
20th December 2020
They went to the palace in Jerusalem but they didn’t find the new King, they found King Herod. He was angry…spoiler alert…he did some terrible things.
We pray that people who have power may use it wisely to help others and not to hurt them.
New Podcast released today! Find out more here: Nativity Advent Calendar Podcasts
19th December 2020
The wise men were prepared to give presents to the baby.
What would you give to a new baby?
We pray for families with new babies all over the world.
18th December 2020
How did they travel?
Maybe by camel.
Would you like to travel by camel?
Would it be very comfortable?
17th December 2020
They were very excited when they saw a new star. They believed that star meant there was a new King. They set off to see for themselves.
Thank you that there are people who are ready to explore the wonderful world we live in and find new things you have created.
16th December 2020
Many miles away in the East, some wise men spent many hours studying the skies and the stars.
Dear Lord, help us to look around and learn more about you every day.
New Podcast released today! Find out more here: Nativity Advent Calendar Podcasts
15th December 2020
Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth, you who sang creations story, now proclaim, Messiah’s birth. Come and worship.
14th December 2020
A choir of angels appeared singing “Glory to God in the Highest and on earth Peace to men.”
We remember the first Christmas bringing news of great joy, a spirit of goodwill and the desire to work for peace. We pray for that today.
13th December 2020
The angel Gabriel came. “Don’t be afraid, I bring you good news. Today a baby has been born. He is Christ the Lord. “ And glory shone around.
12th December 2020
The shepherds did not know that there was a big surprise coming.
11th December 2020
Everywhere in Bethlehem is very busy. One kind man offers them the only shelter available, a warm dry place with the animals.
We pray for those who are refugees and homeless, looking for a place to lay their heads.
10th December 2020
To help them on their way, they may have had a donkey to carry their belongings or give Mary a lift if she got tired.
We all need help at times. May we recognise our need and remember to say thank you.
9th December 2020
Here is Mary. She is waiting for her baby to be born. An angel told her the baby would be a boy. She is going with Joseph to Bethlehem.
Lord God, thank you for all those in the maternity service who look after mothers and their babies.
8th December 2020
This is Joseph.  He lives in Nazareth, but will have to travel to Bethlehem where he was born. That is many, many miles. Do you know where you were born?
Please take care of everyone who has to make a difficult journey this Christmas.
7th December 2020
Oh no! More rules from the Romans which we have to follow. Everyone has to go back to the place where they were born so they can be counted.
Dear Lord, we know what it is like to follow rules at the moment. Help us to think of other people’s health and safety as we go about our lives.
6th December 2020
There were shepherds looking after the sheep for the farmer. They had to stay awake in case wild animals came by that might attack them.
5th December 2020
Out on the hills there were a group of men trying to keep warm, huddled around a fire. It was cold and dark. I wonder what they were doing?
Dear Lord, keep safe all those who work for us while we are asleep.
4th December 2020
Outside the stars were shining brightly. It was on a starry night, when the hills were bright, earth lay sleeping, sleeping calm and still.
3rd December 2020
Can you see the other animals? I hope the mouse is safe … the owl would like to find him!
All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful. The Lord God made them all.
2nd December 2020
In a small village in Judea, the animals were keeping dry and sheltering in the warm The chickens are looking for seeds to eat.
Many in your world lack shelter and a safe home and enough food. Help us to remember the vulnerable this Christmas.
1st December 2020
This is the season of Advent when we start preparing and looking forward to Christmas. Please join us on our journey.
God is with us as we enter this season of longing and waiting. Be patient with our impatience.