More thoughts on Pentecost

More thoughts on  Pentecost, which we celebrated last Sunday, from Vivienne Lear

The Gift ….. Pentecost

Waiting expectantly,

Nervously, anxiously,

We remained

Closeted together in Jerusalem.

City of joy,

Untold sorrows,

Fears and horrors.

City where Jesus

Was hailed a hero,

Executed a criminal,

Raised from the dead,

Ascended to heaven.

We waited together

As instructed by Jesus.

Waited for the gift

He promised would come.

Waited together, talked of him

Jesus our teacher, friend,

Risen Lord.

Waited and prayed.

Prayed and waited.

Prayed that we might

Recognise, experience

The promised gift,

The Spirit when it came.

Prayed we might know

Overwhelming desire, urge

To share God’s fantastic news.

The waiting was over.

The Holy Spirit had come. 

We welcomed, were activated

This precious gift

Promised by Jesus, our Lord.

We prayed for guidance

To recognise His promised gift. 

Then unaccountably we were Stirred

By indescribable yearnings.

Agitated, roused, stimulated,

Our emotions experienced

Ferocious feelings.

Flames, tongues of fire Illuminated

Our thoughts, beings.

Sounds of rushing wind

Penetrated our souls,

Breezed amongst us,

Gave us courage.

Excited, enthused, motivated,

Eagerly we spoke out

Shared the good news.

Declaimed, affirmed God.

It seemed we shared

With all who in Jerusalem.

Made ourselves

Understood in many

Different languages.

Ridiculed by some

In the gathered crowds

That no longer, scared us.

Gone were fears, anxieties, 

Replaced by an

By its living presence.

Christ’s permanent presence

Stimulated our work for him.

 Here in Jerusalem

Our ministry for Him

Commenced, began with his

Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Our lives no longer directed

By our own desires

But centred rejoicingly

On the living presence

Of Christ within us.

In his name with his Spirit

We would now act and live.

Pentecost this is the

Day when the Spirit came. V.C.L.