COVID 19 has impacted all our activities.  Please see the worship page, and reflection page for worship information. For Coronavirus Guidance from the Methodist Church please see:

We are now following four measures as we move out of the pandemic and we ask all users of the building to consider doing the same:

  1. Ventilation – open some windows (and shut them when you leave)
  2. Masks – these are a personal choice but we encourage wearing one when it is very crowded
  3. Hygiene – hand sanitizer is available, we encourage everyone to make use of it
  4. Health responsibility – please stay home if you feel unwell

Spiritual and Emotional Support

Contact us if you would like someone to phone and pray with you.
You can listen to prayers, reflections and hymns on the Daily Hope Prayer Line from the Church of England:
0800 804 8044

We also recommend
The Listening Chaplaincy
Are you recently bereaved or concerned about end of life issues?
Are you a key worker overwhelmed by what you are facing or dealing with at work?
Are you worried about someone who is seriously ill, especially if you can’t visit them?
Are you anxious about the effect that the COVID 19 crisis is having on your life?
Maybe you would just like someone from the faith communities to talk to.
If you live in the Bristol, Somerset or South Gloucestershire area:
0330 229 1700 8am-11pm, 7 days a week
The Faith Communities Major Emergencies Team serving Bristol, Somerset and South Gloucestershire