Church History

Revd    Rowland Goodwin  1956-1960        Revd   Cedric Arnold           1960-1966
Revd  Ramset Moore          1966-1971        Revd Ian Cramb                  1971-1979
Revd Michael Pullan           1979-1987        Revd Frieder  Kreshnak     1987- 1995
Revd Richard Gillion           1995- 2006        Revd Ann Owen                  2006-2015
Revd Pearl Luxon                2015-to date
The Church started holding services in February1957, using rooms in Baugh Farm.
1957 the Circuit bought three & a half acres of land from the builder Mr Rolls to construct the church buildings.
The foundation stone was laid on the 5 July 1956. In 1960 the Church was opened for services