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Reflection. Week of Prayer for Christian Únity. 18-25 Jan.
Reading John 17: 20-26.
This passage is foundational for the search for Christian Unity. It will be the lead reading for countless sermons across the world this week. Its original context was, of course, Jesus’ prayer for his disciples, as he recognised that ‘the hour had come’ for him to be glorified as he was lifted up on the cross.
We are all familiar with the words ‘that they may all be one’. But have we thought as carefully about the implications of the immediately following words ‘as yoú, Father are in me and I also am in you, may they also be one in us’?
What Jesus is praying for is that all his followers might enjoy the same depth of relationship with each other as He and the Father enjoy, a relationship of extraordinary depth of closeness, as shown in his own statement, ‘my meat and drink is to do the will of Him who sent me’, and in the apostle John’s assertion that he, Jesus, is ‘in the bosom of the Father’, totally enwrapped in the affirmation and love of the Father and in total reliance upon Him.
Jesus wants his followers to engage with each other in similarly total depth and mutual commitment.
We may wonder how we can do, seeing that we are so different, even and often so particularly in the ways we  pray, worship and serve Christ. Yet the fact is that we are all called to love and affirm and support each other, however much we may differ. We are called to recognise that, different as our ways may be, we have only one Lord, one faith, one baptism, whereby we become brothers and sisters by His adoption and children of the one Father. We come, with our Jesus, to serve the one, who is His Father and our Father, in adoration and obedience, that all may be one in the one Church to which, in His will, we all belong. We come that all the promises of the Father may be fulfilled in us and the New Creation be brought to perfection through our loving co-operation with all His plans for the new Jerusalem.
Prayer for Unity of all humanity in the charity and truth of Christ.
‘Father, we pray for the unity of all Christians. May your spirit penetrate all our souls and draw us closer to Christ in holiness. Today, we pray for the unity of all humanity in the charity and truth of Christ. Give all your children an ever greater holiness and lead us all, along your path, to unity in the love and truth of Christ’.
David Carter.






We have worship on a Sunday morning at 10.30 am. This is open to all and is lead in a variety of styles by the ministers and local preachers of the circuit.
The church is accessible and has a loop system.  
We have a communion service each month.
We have a less formal more active “Café Church” service every three months, it will be identified on the list of services below.  We will also be trying out other worship formats and different times during the week. Watch out for details in the “Worship Details Box”  and on the Facebook page.
January 2021: We will be worshipping from home during the current lockdown
Please see our reflection page for resources.
There is a Sunday service on BBC local radio at 8.00am.
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In Tier 3 – what to expect
To comply with government regulations as they apply to the Methodist Church please remember to:
Wear a face covering unless exempt
Follow the one-way system
Avoid chatting, inside and outside the building
Sanitize your hands
Avoid giving a lift in the car to someone from another household
Keep your distance at all times and avoid mingling

We have to keep the windows open for safety, so come wrapped up warm
There will be no refreshments – please bring a bottle of water if you need it
We will keep a register of who attends for 21 days
The service will be 30-40 minutes only, with no singing allowed
Please use the disabled toilet if needed and follow the instructions for wiping down after use
There will be a collecting basket as you leave for offerings.