What's on

Unfortunately, due to the remodelling of the church, activities will not be running. However, the 10:30 service will run as usual.

Girl Guides:

Rainbows = Girls aged 5-7 years 6 months - Monday 6 PM (red and green) and Tuesday 6 PM (purple)

Brownies = Girls aged 7-11 - Tuesday 6 PM and Thursday 5 PM

Guides = Girls aged 10-16 - Friday 6:30 PM

Rangers = Girls aged 14-26 - Monday 7 PM

Boy Scouts:

Beavers = Children aged 6-8 - Wednesday 6 PM

Cubs = Children aged 8-10 years 6 months - Wednesday 6 PM

Scouts - Children aged 10 years 6 months-14 - Wednesday 7:15 PM

Messy Space (10-11:45 AM):
Messy space is held every Tuesday for children not yet in school. As the name suggests, messy space is a time for your child(ren) to be messy: they can paint, create and play. £3 per child and £5 per family. - Currently finished due to church renovations. See Facebook for more details.

Morning Cafe (9:45 AM-12 PM):
Why don't you join us one Wednesday morning for a delicious slice of cake and a cup of tea, coffee or squash.

Messy Church (4:30-6 PM):
Messy Church is similar to Messy Space but is open to all age ranges. It is held on the third Sunday of each month and in each session, the children make creations based on a theme (e.g. the story of creation).

Sunday Worship:
There are two different Sunday services. The 10:30 service is held weekly, whereas Early Birds is held on the second Sunday of each month. All are welcome!
Early Birds (9:30-10 AM) -
Early Birds is a half hour Sunday service. It's aimed at families, so that people can worship together. It is a very interactive and fun service and is therefore easier for children. After the service, breakfast is served because, as the famous saying goes, 'the early bird catches the worm'.
10:30 Service -
This service lasts for an hour and drinks and biscuits are served afterwards.